Italy wedding photography

Italy Wedding Photography // Isabella & Joakim

Last July 2022, I had a fantastic opportunity to photograph a wedding day in Italy, which I had been dreaming about since my camera and wedding days met.

I was prepared with three changes of shirts for a hot summer day when Isabella & Joakim celebrated their wedding day in Rome, Italy. The party was celebrated along the wonderful Via Appia Antica at Villa Livia, where friends and family gathered to celebrate the day. I couldn’t imagine how beautiful the day could become and how full of life the moments could be. I am forever grateful that I was able to capture memories for you, Ia & Joakim. Thank you!

p.s. I changed my third shirt to the second one, because it was completely soaked from the dance floor. What a party!

”Via Appia Antica, also known as the Appian Way, is one of the oldest and most important roads leading to Rome. Built in 312 BC, it was slowly extended and by 191 BC, it reached the port of Brindisi, over 550 km southeast of the city (along the ‘heel’ of Italy). Thus, Via Appia Antica became a gateway to the east.”Historyhit


Wedding planner: Nina Zenovya

Floral Design: Ceccotti Flowers

Catering: Le Bonheur

Wedding Dress: Laura Hyvi

Live Music: Truly Medley Deeply– the reason for my very wet shirt.

Minister: Annika Widen

Hair Styling: Fabrizio Narducci

Makeup Artist: Martina Pugliese