midsummer wedding in finland

Varpu & Touko Tampere, Finland

Often, when I travel out of Finland, people ask about my home country. Sometimes the conversation goes to Finnish summer and how magical it is when the sun stays up until late in the evening and does not set. There can be really warm sometimes (not always), and everything is just beautiful. Nature is like a big flower, hiding during the cold and dark times, but always rises when the light greets us again every spring. The sun brings the people to life as well. There is this tickling excitement in the air that you can almost taste. People are all smiles and ready to enjoy the short but beautiful summer period with all of their hearts.

I started my car early in the morning on the 10th of June. First I drove a few hundred meters around of this lake, and I looked to my left side. I saw an atmospheric misty lake, and I had to stop. I needed a photo of that to start the day. I took few pictures, searched for a better place and took a few more. Then I noticed this swan couple.

In total silence,
no wind,
no voices.

Just nature, the swans and me. With the calmness surrounding me, I knew that the day is going to be a good day.

Varpu & Touko’s outside ceremony was held in Ylöjärvi which is nearby Tampere, Finland. We all got a chance to enjoy this magical Finnish midsummer on that hot day. With all the loved ones surrounding them, they said yes to each other.

Wedding planners: Blush – Highly recommended.