hääkuvaus espoon kartano

Mette & Olli, Espoon kartano

I sat on the Le Plateau in my favorite cafeteria, Kahwa Cafe. It’s a beautiful small place in Montreal, Canada. I sat on a chair where I could spend a whole day watching outside and see how rain draws painting to a window.

It’s been a month since the wedding season ended in Finland. I’ve been wanted to share something very important to me for a long time.

Mette & Olli’s story.

This unique tale should have been published over a month ago, but the big question has been on my shoulder again. How to tell all the feelings and thoughts? How to explain all that I experienced that day?

So many words written again and again.
And then whipped away.

It was amazing how we connected from the first message they wrote to me. It was an honor to be there and witness their love.

Mette & Olli got married on Espoon kartano. Our day started in atmospheric foggy weather that in the end turned into pure bright Sun.