cyprus wedding photography

Ruta & Kostas Larcana, Cyprus

I can touch the dream.

I see it. hear it. feel it.

I would not let it go. I wish it welcome to my heart.

Where it belongs.

To stay forever.

Sun is shining and I’m sitting at home. I look out of the window and I see beautiful warm Finnish summer that only lasts a couple of months. Nature is green and I can nearly hear birds singing but this time I can only hear a fan and Bon Iver singing on the back, not that bad.

My camera waits on my desk to be taken outside. But I can’t leave just yet. I’m not ready until I show you what we were working on last night with Jenni- my love. She’s the best criticizer to my work that I can imagine. She’s honest. I love our evening conversations about what works and what doesn’t. + There’s no better eye than a woman eye. period. We went through hundreds of photos last night.

Thank you, love.

Ruta & Kostas wedding was held in Larnaca, Cyprus. I landed to Larnaca Wednesday morning to get used to + 40°c weather which was h.o.t to this Nordic Guy. Everything went better than I thought though. We spent the whole weekend together and I got an amazing chance to get to know the family and friends. We shot portraits on three different days to get different light and mood. 5 am was most exciting and great experience!

dat food what I got.. I miss it so mucho!