Nolla Cabin Isosaari

By being active, you can manifest more energy into your life. But the real secret gateway into accessing your dreams and goals can be found by quieting down. This so-called “empty space” is where I can most often observe my mind coming up with completely new ideas and interesting projects that I’d like to start pursuing. Projects that I didn’t even know existed. The best part is that they’re bubbling up from somewhere deep within my unconsciousness. Somewhere so deep that I can’t usually hear these ideas in my normal day to day life.

This is a story about Nolla, a place that made me stop. A place where I loved to stop.

I’ve noticed that there is no quieting down a creative mind. The more you try to extinguish it or escape it, the harder the struggle becomes. So the only thing I can do is to let it be. Day to day life is full of distractions that plague the creative mind. We carry one major one in our pockets, for starters. You have to learn how to tune into your creative mind, maybe take it to a place where you can spend some quality time with it, just the two of you. When you’re present with it, you can sense it dissolving into peacefulness. I experience this sensation as a type of “flow”, a space where everything is in balance. I feel light, happy, calm and serene. I often experience this space when I’m on the road, photographing or doing something with my hands that requires deep concentration. There’s many ways to access it, but it would be great to find flow in stillness, and at Nolla I achieved it.

My journey there was very simple, so much so that it was almost amusing. I took a boat to Isosaari (trip included with the booking of an overnight stay at Nolla), walked to my cabin which was located delightfully close to the shore and dropped my luggage off. There was nothing else left to do but to get this man on the bed and start admiring the gorgeous scenery, the silence, and again – did I mention the gorgeous scenery? 

Birds were flying by every now and then, the waves were growing and shrinking as boats passed by far in the distance. It was so peaceful that I had a nap. I woke up and looked at the views in awe again. I was sitting with my own feelings and taking in the experience. It was so damn great. Time flew by as I was enjoying it all for a good three-four hours, and then it was time to get to know the island better and get to cooking.

After I’d eaten, I did the grand tour of the whole island. The island is full of things to do and experience, from golfing to canoeing. After I’d explored every nook and cranny it was finally time to have a sauna which I finished off with a dip in the sea. Even though there are plenty of activities to choose from, I must confess that I think the real center of it all is experiencing the atmosphere from the comfort of your own cabin. That’s the best.

I first learned about Nolla when I was shooting a wedding on this gorgeous island. That’s when I decided that I had to book myself a cabin when I’d have the chance. Now half a year later I finally got to experience it. At Nolla, I’ve found the place where I can go to when I need some distance. The location is just a stone’s throw away from Helsinki and the journey doesn’t require much preparation. It’s perfect to experience with friends, family, as a couple or by yourself. 

There are seven Nolla cabins on the island, and each sleeps two. It’s an amazing opportunity for a small intimate group to celebrate life.

I’ll finish off with a small info packet: 

  • There’s a heater in the cabin, but it can get a bit noisy.
  • Prepare warmly, because the nights can get cold. 
  • Bring enough to eat in case all the restaurants located on the island are closed. You can prepare your own meals with ease.
    Ther cabin has no curtains (and hopefully it’ll stay that way) so bring an eye mask if you’re so inclined. 
  • The crew at Nolla will provide you with all the necessary information before your trip. 
  • And lastly: enjoy whatever the weather, the island or the fellow guests bring. Enjoy the endless seeming sunsets, clear starry skies and the swell of the sea that you can hear through the big windows.
  • Photos Fujifilm X100V


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