New chapter.


Ciao everyone and welcome to my new site!


Before I say anything else, I want to thank all who has been part of this journey.
Kokku, guys you’re the best. You managed to put everything what I wanted and needed to the site perfectly. Huge thanks to you guys!

Anni Purovuo – Thank you for the logo. I’m still amazed by your vision.

Huge thanks to Veikko Timonen, Leevi Kollanus and Emma Hilska for the great video.

Jenni my love, thank you for all support and for your critical eye. Love you!


It feels great that it’s out and ready to be explored. Now I have a place to share everything. We’ve been working on this webpage a few months now. It will continue to improve, but at some point (as hard as it is), I have to let it go. So have a look around and feel free to leave any comments.

New chapter and a few steps back to where I started.

Actually, at the same time when I’m writing this first blog post, I realized it’s exactly five (impressive) years since I published my first site. But I admit, it was already time to build something new from scratch.

Five years, man, it’s a long time. And also the best time of my life. I have learned so much about myself. All the ups and downs. All the feelings and moments. Without those, I could not be here.

Now I feel excited again, and I'm very proud of this.

This is the site that I truly believe in. It serves my philosophy of life and photography just the way I want. Here I’m going to share a lot of information and photos as I did when I first started. I’ve been missing that more than I imagined.

I remember when I started how excited I was. Everything was new, and I was ready to share all. Then I let my fear and voices to decide what I’m going to publish and what not. It pretty much ate the whole thing. With this site, I went back and started over. Share more and help others.

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