Italy Wedding Photography

Isabella & Joakim gathered their family and friends to celebrate the wedding in Villa Livia, Rome, Italy.


Solden, Austria

Inspiration from skiing, Paulius & Monika's wedding were held 3000 meters above sea level in Sölden, Austria.


Palm Beach Gardens

Chris & Vilja gathered family and friends all over the World to Palm Beach Gardens, FL.



That’s me on the left or top. I would wave to you but I have to keep my hands tight on the shirt, otherwise, it would fly away. I know it’s not the best photo to give a good first impression, you would probably want to see my face but instead, all I give to you is my tummy rolls. Also, I cut my feet off. But you know, actually, it is quite a good one. The photo tells me a story. It tells that I’m in Miami Beach FL, I have eaten well and we’re tanning but I don’t like it that much. I have just come out of water since my legs are wet. I’m not alone on the beach or then I’m just super messy – you can decide that.

And this is what I believe in. This is why I hang around with a camera. I capture photo’s that tells a story. Memories, which helps you remember the best times the rest of your life. If you want read more about me and my history, here.


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